Rope Hoists

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

We supply and install a wide-range of standard hoist of great quality and reliability. Single and double girder, under slung and foot mount designs, from 3 - 63 ton capacity. Also available is the open winch hoist up to 300 ton capacity. They are characterized by their simplicity of use and easy manoeuvrability.

Double Girder Hoist (w/ End Trucks)

Double Girder Hoist

Foot Mounted

Foot Mounted

Standard Double Girder Crab

Standard Double Girder Crab

Low Headroom

Low Headroom

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Hoist Design

Rope Hoist Design

Experience, continued development and technology

For nearly 40 years, the hoist has been manufactured in Spain. During this time the manufacturer has made more than 90,000 installations over 50 countries, from which they gained valuable experience.

The new range of electric wire rope hoists have been designed with the following principles; reliability, security, durability, price and easy maintenance. The design is rectangular, modern, and compact with perfect dimensional balance.

Gear Box

Gear Box
Robust and compact, situated on the exterior, allowing ease of access. The helical teeth in all the gears are cut with great precision, in cemented steel, assuring silent running, great reliability an long life. The drive from the motor to the gearbox is direct, avoiding coupling devices which have tendency to fail.

All of the gears are lubricated by an oil bath in the interior of a closed casing, machining of the gear locations is made by high precision machine tools.

Lifting Motor

Lifting Motor
The hoist has a cylindrical short circuit motor with an incorporated electromagnetic brake.

The motor and brake have been designed for continuous service with high duty factors and cycles.

The brakes are electromagnetic disc, with asbestos free flat-faced linings. They offer great reliability and automatic braking in the event of power failure. The friction linings are long lasting and the brake is easy to regulate.

The standard version motor has the option of one or two speeds. The second speed has a relation of 1/6. Also upon customer request, we can supply inverter control or motors.

Drum and Cable Guide

Drum & Cable Guide
The drum is designed and manufactured according to FEM 966 standard. Constructed from a seamless steel tube with grooves machined according to DIN 15061. The groove is machined dependant on the wire rope exits i.e. or 2 exits. The drum is fitted to the hoist frame using thigh quality, self-lubrication, and commercial bearings. The drive from the gearbox to the drum is via a direct splined shaft.

The rope guide is formed by two pieces, which can easily be assembled without special tools.

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